• Hi :)
    I'm Alex from Ukraine,
    I'm making web sites abut 7 years, so I have experience to build web sites from little to big sites.

    I bought some aged domains with good PR, but I was very busy(I have a baby so I had to work to earn money fast) to make sites on this domains...

    Recently I tried to sell the sites and it was fun for me! Then I read about this course and decided to buy it. Now This course have allot of great information, so now I'm a little overloaded of information and want to try to flip sites!
    I happy to find community like this and hope I can share some knowledges to other members, and read about new tips and tricks.

    P.S. I'm very sorry for my English!
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  • Alex,

    I'm glad to have you on board and hopefully the group can help you overcome some of the information overload. I believe our first meeting will help get you started with developing a clear focus.