Greetings everyone
  • Hey my name is Andrew,I'm from Romania and I bought KFS a couple of months ago.Since then to my shame I haven't bought and sold anything.I did have some bad luck.Fozer0l,a member from this forum offered to help me,he found some sites for me which he bought and when I had to pay him for them, Paypal didn't let me make payments to India so that deal went sour.I searched on DP for a site,found one and made an offer for it.The seller accepted my offer and all that remained was to make the payment which of course didn't happen because he said that his PC didn't work for a week and he received a better offer for the site.I'm not an expert at web design,SEO or anything for that matter,just an average Joe who want's to learn but I must say that I'm afraid of failing and due to the bad luck I had so far my morale went downhill.Right now I have around 100$ to spend including flippa fees so I want to make the most out of the money.I'm very bad at finding sites on DP and also at improving them.I hope to learn these things and more when we'll have the meeting on the 15th .

    All the best,
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  • Andrew,

    Even though you've had a bit of a rocky start, I believe that often we learn more from our mistakes than from our successes. And keep in mind, all you really lost here was a little time. It could certainly be worse. I hope the group can give you the support you need to get over your fear of failing. I might suggest making two lists:

    1.) List all the "worst-case" scenarios that you are afraid of.
    2.) List all the "best-case" scenarios and benefits of succeeding.

    Often when we go through this exercise, the worst-case scenarios aren't really that bad and the best-case scenarios far outweigh the worst. Look forward to meeting you.

    Chris Yates