Digital Point Forum Issues
  • I didn't see any posts specifically on Digital Point Forum issues. I just joined Digital Point a while ago. I don't think I can send PMs as a newbie on DP so Chris advised me to get my post count up.

    Great advice but just today I started getting a message saying that the post had been submitted to the Admin team for review and will only show up
    once approved. Is this normal? Or should I start over with a new account altogether?[hr]
    "Thank you for posting! Your post will not be visible until a moderator has approved it for posting."[hr]
    I tried sending a PM again and it looked like the PM was sent. There was no acknowledgement but when I clicked on the sent items, I couldn't find anything on there.

    Also the last time I visited DP I was able to filter out sites by specifying the amount of revenue earned each month, PR, Site verified and a number of other factors. But this time around, I don't see how I can go to the screen that will let you do all this.
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  • If you have multiple questions in one post, please number them.

    1.) It is normal for the Admin team to review certain posts. This could be because it triggered their spam filters or because of your current trust level.
    2.) If your PM was sent, it should show up in your sent items.
    3.) I don't completely understand the question here. Perhaps you were logged in/logged out.
  • Chris,

    Right now my immediate question is, I was once able to access the Site sales section on DP and was able to filter websites through a specified criteria which helped me to weed out most of what didn't seem to offer much value. This time around I wasn't able to do that.
    Can you take me through the steps necessary to bring up the filter options screen for instance?

    2) Basically I was able to produce a forum where I could state the minimum PR of the sites I am looking for, the price range, whether Google Analytics is available, whether the Seller ownership is verified etc.

    Would really appreciate it if you can get me on the right track with this.

    3) I am also thinking of joining the Mastermind group tomorrow. If I haven't flipped any sites by then will I be able to get all the help I need to make my first site flip a success?

  • are you sure you are not thinking about flippa for the filtering option?[hr]
    Alright I can't edit the above post but I found what you where looking for:
  • Nope. I haven't even joined Flippa yet. The filter was there and I was browsing through PR2+ sites that had revenue on them, just through using that form.[hr]
    Found it. You have to go through the Marketplace rather than using the main page of the Forums.