anime/books/fan fiction domain names - CHEAP
  • They are all registered at As you can see they have months left in registration.

    What is an otaku? Think of it as a japanese geek, fanboy for anime, manga, tech, and figurines. . .


    The term is used widely between anime/manga/japanese sub-culture fans. Its a popular term just Google it if you need proof.

    (otaku insider was going to be a japanese/manga/anime news blog) 11/06/2010 Expiration date 11/ 06/2010 Expiration date 11/ 07/2010 Expiration date

    (otaku dna was going to be an anime/manga social network) 11/14/2010 Expiration date 11/14/2010 Expiration date 11/14/2010 Expiration date

    (Fan Fiction is popular - Especially twilight/harry potter/ Narnia Name would make for a great fan fiction forum) 4/06/2011 Expiration date

    (name saids it all. Was going to be a book review blog) 4/07/2011 Expiration date

    Asking 4$ for the entire lot.

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  • We'll take 'em off of you. Catch you on MSN :)
  • $4 for the lot? Bargain. Sold at BIN :D

    Let me know your Paypal and I'll shoot it right over!
  • I actually forgot I opened this thread. . . Woops. Info sent to you Thomas & Bryanon you never catch me on msn ;p.

  • I've noticed you signing in at least 2 times this week!

    I guess I just need to read some guru books and learn to take action :P
  • Payment sent :D

    P.S. No arguing please or I'll have to ban you both :P
  • [quote="Thomas"]
    P.S. No arguing please or I'll have to ban you both :P

    Sir yes sir.
  • I sorta want to eat that guy in the picture. . .

  • Transaction complete. Thread closed.
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