Adsense Income Websites
  • Hi,

    I'm John. I'm interested in buying good Adsense websites. Most of the times, I come across asking prices that are too high for my risk appetite. I'd like to start in the $1,000 to $2,000 range. Maybe, I can pass them on this group and get a referral fee :) or share the capital in the buying risk.

    Two weeks ago, I found a website making ~$400/month in Adsense, but is asking $15,000 (~38x monthly Adsense).
    1- Is this too high a valuation?
    2- Is Google Analytics a good validation of Adsense income or can it be faked?

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  • Hi John,
    Glad to have you on board. David and I are always looking for people to bring us deals. Keep us in mind.

    Regarding your questions:
    1.) Yes, this seems high. For a really good adsense site, I personally wouldn't pay more than 18x monthly profit unless there is some hidden value that we see beyond historical earnings.
    2.) The best option you have is to do a web meeting with the seller and have them show you their adsense account. An alternative to this is a video recording. In either case, make sure that there is a "green address" bar in their browser so you can verify it's real.