I Have A Google News Site I Would Like to Sell
  • Hey Everyone - A while back I started to hear a lot about the benefits of owning/having a google news approved site.

    Things like getting indexed into google quickly, getting on page 1 of google news in minutes, etc. Offering and selling press releases. Huge amounts of traffic.

    So, I went out and got myself a google news site. Since then I have been lucky enough to pick up 2 more.

    So, although I do need a google news site (and love the income!), I don't need 3 of them.

    So, I have decided to sell 1 of them. I don't want to display the url in the forum but will be more than happy to provide it to anyone that is interested (Just PM Me).

    The price I am asking for the site is - $3,000 and I will pay all escrow.com fee's.