• How far back do you guys go in the listings on the sites we use to buy?

    For the past few hours (just getting started) I've been sticking to the first two pages and haven't really found anything worth looking at.
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  • Usually no further than 10 pages, you do have to go through a lot of listings to find something decent.
  • ok cool Thomas thanks.
  • Also don't be afraid to make a thread for buying. Just remember to be extremely precise with what you are looking for and let them know that; don't bother with PM's that aren't worth reading. Stay focus and you'll find sites a lot faster.

    Also, I would check out other forums. I made a list of 10 marketplaces you look at. Sites are for sale everywhere! Not just dp.

  • thanks fruit. I didnt think of making a buying thread.
  • Yeah WTB threads work nicely. You get a lot of crap PMed you and about 100 PMs daily asking "What's your budget" but there are some very good offers too from time to time. Also it's really good if you get a site that has never been sold publicly before.
  • I'd look back at least 5 pages, the first 2 are usually the most heavily browsed, and the good deals there (if any) will be snapped up pretty fast, in my opinion. A bit more effort in browsing should yield a lot better results, in my opinion.