Intro from David Gass
  • I'm David Gass co-owner of and co-moderator with Chris Yates in the Mastermind Group.

    I've been an entrepreneur all my life. I love working with small business owners and entrepreneurs who are working online. Because my background for the last 15 years has been working with entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses, structure their deals and find credit and capital, I have several specialties for the group including online marketing, email campaigns, copy writing, finding money to do deals and a few other tricks here and there.

    I've found that I don't need to know any PHP, HTML, Pearl or whatever language there is to build a site. I'm not a programmer or designer. Chris Yates has been my business partner for the last several years and has the expertise and knowledge of all the programming so I've never had a need to learn it. I believe in building a team, focus on what you know and leverage the resources around you to make money.

    Success in this business or any other comes down to focusing on a clear vision for the company, building a team around you to help reach the vision and the passion to get through the tough times. There will be tough times, so Passion for the business is key.

    Looking forward to working with all of you.