• I finally fond a site that I think might be worth buying (after hours of searching).

    My question is that the site makes a few dollars a month in adsense earnings but I don't have an adsense account. How can I show the viewers on flippa these stats without having my own account?
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  • You'll have to get your own account. It isn't difficult, just sign up from a hubpages or squidoo account. You'll get accepted in 24 hours or so. Alternatively you can just ask the buyer to take several pictures of the days/months and revenue accumulated and use them.

    Or you can give them some bogus excuse that you don't want to be click bombed so you don't have the ads up and running.

  • Go with Fruit's option #1 - getting an Adsense account really isn't hard, they even let me in :D
  • I understand that I'd need my own account but what I'm not getting now is how can I prove the revenue if the account is new. The rev will be in the other account not mine.
  • Screenshots. People can't tell what account it is. They can only see what you let them ;).

    Your own account is for the days that follow. Just in case a buyer asks for say the last 3 days.

  • ok perfect fruit. Thanks alot.