• Hey there

    I'm new at flipping sites but today I listed my first auction https://flippa.com/auctions/120064/iPho ... This-Month
    I know I missed some important keys on my description etc
    Any comments of what I could improve..?
    I set a reserve price of 800$ and I have some guys interested asking me the BIN price and my doubt is if I can get 1000$ for this.

    Well let me know what do you guys think

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  • I suspect it will probably go for something around $500 realistically. If you had more history on the business (maybe 2 months) you could probably get $1000.

  • Hey Freedom - Great Site! You have picked a pretty competitive niche so keep that in mind.

    First of all, I see someone asked about escrow.com - don't be afraid of it.

    Second, excellent job with your proof of traffic and proof of earnings.

    Now - what you need to do is beef up the "body" of the auction - You really need to beef that section up substantially to get maximum value in all 3 areas - Description / Revenue's / and traffic.

    Finally, I would always use a BIN "Buy It Now" option - start it at 15 - 20 times net earnings, you can always lower it as the auction comes close to ending.

    Great job though and it will be interesting to see where you end up over the next 24 - 48 hours.