Hey from Seattle!
  • Hello fellow flippers,

    My name is Michael and I hail from the city of Seattle. I'm still working a day job as a maintenance worker in a high rise condo building. In my off hours I'm an artist and website designer and learning about internet marketing. I've made money with eBay and network marketing in the past but it hasn't been that solid.

    I need something that's solid and I hope this website flipping is gonna take me to the next level. I've bought one flipping course from the Warrior forum which was alright but left me wanting more.

    let's see how this one rolls :D

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  • welcome, you couldn't have bought a better course. You'll find that all your needs will be satisified ;). If not, just ask any questions until your heart is content.

    Both Thomas and Bryan offer coaching as well. I recommend this if you'd like some really insightful information.

  • Hi Michael,

    Welcome to the forums. Let's hope we can do a better job than the last course you purchased :D

  • Welcome Michael :-)