Follow along & Guide me as I flip my 2nd site
  • I thought it'll be a good idea to start a new thread for my next flip. I'll ask all my questions for this flip here as well as document my every step. This way I can get help and at the same time others can learn from my experience. Okay I'm gonna take my time with this. I'm looking to flip a forum based on Thomas's post here. ... p?tid=1249

    I do not know much about seo, design, monetizing. As I'm an extremely lazy person, I plan to outsource just about everything. This includes, re-designing the site(if needed), monetization of the site(is it even possible?), and finally traffic generation.

    First of all, some questions

    1. In Thomas's post, he mentioned to do a profit-share with a mod. What exactly should the mod's job be, other than the usual moderator work?

    2. Which would make more sense? Offering 2 mods 25% profit share each or just 1 mod a 50% cut?

    3. Outsourcing. There are tons of sites out there, which would you recommend?

    4. Can I pay someone to help me monetize my site optimally? Are there even people who do such jobs? Has anyone seen or done it before?

    5. Traffic Generation. There are so many types of SEO. What are the main ones I should focus on when outsourcing?

    Lets see where this thread will lead me (:
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  • 1.) My opinion is that their job should be to improve the quality of posts and keep the forum active as well as moderating. Ask the potential mod what ideas they have because they might surprise you.
    2.) Either would work and there are pros/cons to each. If you can get one for 25% and you keep 75% that might even be better :)
    3.) You may want to consider joining our mastermind coaching group since we provide a Rolodex of various options
    4.) You could, but I'd recommend you take this on yourself. It's one of the best things for you to learn.
    5.) Link building is probably the first place to start for SEO in my opinion.

  • Like I mentioned, I would really love to be a part of the mastermind coaching group, and I would if it was a one time payment. But due to my schedule, I have no access to a computer on weekdays and thus I wouldn't be able to make full use of my time each month.

    I've done some reading and it seems direct advertising is the biggest money maker when it comes to forums. What are the other popular forms of monetization for forums? Besides adsense. And is there a place where I can learn the optimum places to put up adsense ads?
  • You might consider some form of CPA. Just search "your niche cpa network" on google
  • Alright some updates, and some more questions. I have just purchased a webmaster forum for $70. It runs on MyBB, has 135 members and 3010 posts in total. When looking at the site, there seemed to be activity within the week, so I decided to purchase it. But the site was down for awhile when switching hosts and the activity seemed to have stopped for the past 2-3 days. Have a look.

    I have a lot of questions on hand and have no idea how to do many things, but the thought of getting the forum up and bursting with activities is just exciting.
    First on my to-do list:

    1. Install Google Analytics.

    2. Email all members and let them know about the change in ownership of the forum. When emailing them, is it a bad idea to use my personal email account? I'm not sure but I'm worried there might be people using/selling my email and I end up getting billions of spam.

    3. Increase forum activity. How do I do it? First I'll be trying to get the current members to come back to the forum/ remain active. In my email to the members I'll be letting them know my upcoming plans for the forum eg. new custom logo/theme/design for the site, a change to vbulletin (is it worth it at all? right now I'm still on the MyBB side to save costs), some contests to get the forum going, and the picking of mods. I will also be getting feedbacks and suggestions from the members themselves on how to improve the forum.

    3. The database of the forum was previously imported from another forum which makes the members look like bots/paid posters instead of real members. So I'll be encouraging all the members to update their profiles.

    4. I was thinking a little on getting some paid posters for awhile to get the forum moving. What do you guys think?

    5. Traffic Generation. Looks like I have to start from scratch. Hire someone to do some keyword research for me, following by on-site SEO, and then links links links.

    Would appreciate any thoughts/critics to my plan.

    I'll probably be posting my flipping journal/questions there as well so that I can get more opinions/ suggestions.
  • 2.) I'd set up something like to forward to your personal and use it.
    3.) I used a little trick where I hid a free product/ebook somewhere in the forum and emailed all members telling them it's hidden and they need to find it. That tends to get people reading/posting. Only change to vbulletin if you're goal is a 4-5 figure flip.
    4.) Not a bad idea as long as they are quality posts.
  • Alright a little update. Seems like I've run into a little problem. Ever since the site was transferred to me, the members have stopped posting totally. Perhaps they lost interest, perhaps they were not genuine members. Second, when I try to send a mass mail to all members of the forum, instead of being able to send to all 132 members, for some reason, MyBB is only showing that I have 11 recipients. Eitherways I have created an email admin@webmasterhotline like suggested and created a mass mail to send to the 11 recipients. I'm thinking I might really have to start from scratch and hire someone to do SEO work for me so that visitors can start rolling in. My goal here would be minimally a 4 figure flip. I'm planning to take time to develop the forum before flipping it. So I'm still considering vbulletin. I like the free ebook idea. I'll probably use it when the forum starts having some activity.

    Will update again once I've done more.
  • It's certainly possible that the posts were coming from the old owner of the site and once he sold it, he stopped posting. You might be able to confirm this by looking through the IP addresses of the various members/posts.

  • Hey Rype,

    I've been looking around your new forum quite a bit and I am seeing some signs of fake members. Luckily, there's enough real members to make up for it.
    If I were you I'd do something along the lines of hiring someone to do some posting. As explained in Thomas' post, get someone to do it for a share of the profit you make from running the sites. I like your niche and this is why.

    There's two kinds of people on forums like your's. The hardcore computer nerds, and the complete noobs. This means that you have experts on your forum as well as people that have no clue what they're doing and that need help. This also means that you could possibly have a lot of of threads with people asking questions. All you need to do is get someone to answer them. How do you use this fact to your benefit? Simple.

    When I started my internet marketing forums I decided I wanted to get a lot of questions out of the way. I could've done this by creating one thread with a simple Q&A, but that's not very helpful when it comes to thread count. So I decided to get my friend to help me out. He started making threads with questions that I could answer, I gave him 20 accounts to do this with. This means that after three days my forums were filled with questions that I had answered. Instantly I started doing SEO on those threads, to get them ranked high for those questions. As the first couple of members joined, I used a 'viral' plugin that would only allow people to read the question, and they'd have to join the forums in order to read the answer. This got me a couple hundred members in a week, not bad for a site that was up for only a month.

    If you want you can contact me and we might even be able to work on this together a bit, I do SEO for a living and I'm the owner of a couple of forums, so I know how to run this stuff. We might be able to get that site very active and then flip it.

    If you're interested PM me and we'll chat :)
  • Hey Stefan, I really appreciate the offer, you have a PM coming your way soon.