• Hi folks,

    Noob to flipping but hoping to pick things up with the help of the excellent ebook and this forum. . .

    Already felt a little inspired so jumped in and paid $140 for a PR5 domain i found on that domainsamurai.com, will do it up this week and try and sell 10 text links for $30 amonth each so generating $300 monthly rev then off to flipper for a thousand dollar sale, mwahahahaa here's hoping.

    See you all around. :D
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  • Hi,

    Welcome to the forums.

    Care to share your experience with domainsamurai? Is that valid PR5? If so you've just got the perfect target for the text link method I discussed in the ebook.

  • That's great, and welcome to the forums, but your PR5 is no way legit. That particular software is known to have a ton of quirks and kinks in it. Good luck though. Let us know how you fare.

  • Hi Thomas/Fruit

    I've only been using domainsamurai for a few hours and so far I think it's excellent, the 'old domains' checker does flag and highlight the Page Rank in red if it thinks it's fake - but as Fruit alludes to that may not mean much if it's 'buggy'.

    The domain I bought as I said, showed as PR5 in domainsamurai and I checked it on 3rd party rank checkers which also confirmed it as 5. The domain is 11 years old and hasn't been active for over a year, so it could be that once I receive it and host it that I end up with a a load of junk.

    I'll certainly learn from the expensive mistake if it turns out not to be PR5!

    Thomas, is DP still a good place for selling monthly text links? I notice alot of the sales on there are sold annually these days, also how do you managed monthly text link sales, do you have to email your buyer each month to collect payment or can you use an auto re-biller of some sort?

  • Good news! The PR5 domain I unearthed using domainsamurai is now on my servers and indeed it is still showing as a PR5 domain - so I hope that means its a "Valid PR5".

    I use
    for a lot of my checking and research, recommend it to anyone starting out looking for a good all round research tool - this is primarily what I use to check site PR's, very handily tells you the PR stats and stuff under each listing in Google.