SEO Lesson #2 Indexing
  • Hey guys,

    So here we go, my 2nd SEO lesson, it's about getting your site indexed in Google. Both initially and when you have content up and you want new content indexed. Here we go.

    In most SEO guides I've read, indexing was hardly covered, or not covered at all. This[/i] is mostly because it's done automatically by Google. To understand indexing you'll have to understand the basics of how search engines works.
    Contrary to popular belief, search engines don't index every site in the world instantly. Not only because some websites choose not to be indexed but mostly because there are way too many websites. This means that, to be indexed quickly, you need both on-site and off-site SEO. On-site SEO was discussed in my last lesson so we'll go right into off-site SEO for indexing.

    When you start a new site you want your content to be indexed. After doing your on-site SEO you have a couple steps you should take to get this done.

    Stefan's 5 Steps to being found

    Step 1: Make a sitemap
    Having a sitemap will greatly increase the speed of getting indexed, both initially and on new posts. To make a sitemap either code one, or if you're using wordpress, use a plugin. Once you made one you submit it to the google webmaster tools.

    Step 2: Make an RSS Feed
    This is kind of too easy to be taken seriously in this post. Use a wordpress plug in or code one.

    Step 3: Add RSS feed to sites listed below(1)

    Step 4: Post links with main keyword as anchor text on the sites listed below(2)

    Step 5: Use social bookmarking on all your pages on the sites listed below(3)

    When you're done with al this, wait a couple hours and your site will be indexed in Google.
    If you're running a blog you'll need your new posts to be indexed as well so we'll discuss that now.
    On all my blogs, I have a plug in called 'PusH'. It uses Google's new PubSubHubBub system (Seriously, that's what it's called) to instantly index any new posts I make. (My site is PR2, that helps)
    A video about this is posted on my own site which you can find right here:
    If you don't use Wordpress, you can simple repeat my 5 steps on every new post you make.

    This is it for indexing, short but effective.
    Questions? Please!


    (1) RSS Sites:

    (2) Sites to post URL on in a comment (use scrapebox):

    (3) Social Bookmarking Sites:
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  • Good lesson,once again :) I have a question though.Heard that push plugin is useful only if the site is indexed already in google. Is it true or just a myth?
  • Link pushing will have your site indexed much quicker so it works for that too
  • Another great post! Big thanks.
  • Sorry, I just reread your question and yes, the PuSH plugin is only useful if you're indexed but it doesn't hurt to install it anyway. Once you're indexed it helps a lot.