Hi from San Antonio, TX
  • Hi Everyone,

    I have been in IM for about 4 years now and up to now have been a part-time marketer. I have created and sold a few sites (5) last year and had a few clients for this local thing going around but have decided to move to this business model (much more fun). I got tired of chasing clients and trying to convince them that they need a website (you would think in this day and age it will be an easy sale!).

    I really enjoyed buying, building and flipping websites and really not answering to anyone since I think we all ultimately want to be our own boss. I have a small team of outsources I use and look to expand this team doing this on a full time basis as well as increasing my portfolio of income producing websites so I can live the 4 hour work week. :D

    I know this is a little long but I do hope to learn from all of you and share my experiences.


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  • Ernesto,

    Welcome aboard. I can definitely relate to everything you mentioned. I also moved away from the "service" business model to focus on buying and selling sites. There is so much more opportunity and certainly fewer headaches. Look forward to working with you.