Who is the best hosting company for multiple site
  • I couldn't find any info on the forum on this so I thought I would ask :)

    I want to know which is the best hosting company to go with if I want to have unlimited hosting.

    There is a lot to choose from so any advice would be welcome.

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  • I have a Hostgator reseller account that I have been pleased with. I have never had any problems with Hostgator, although my sites are pretty basic and do not have high traffic. Hostgator uses cpanel, which is the control panel that I prefer.
  • I'm on a Hostgator reseller account as well and would recommend it if you are keeping things grey hat at most. They have a history of closing accounts which are involved in blackhat techniques.
  • I also go with a hostgator reseller account (it's not unlimited).
  • I'm going to go against the general trend and say that I hate hostgator. It is true that their support is great however you could get the best support in the world but you eventually get tired when you have a new problem every 3 days.

    I'm with site5 now and their support equates the support of Hostgator and I haven't had any problems yet.