I present to you a decent digitalpoint auction. Learn!
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  • Thanks Trinity.
    A very nice looking blog with a nice price !

    *Thinking of buying it :P*
  • Nice T thanks! What would you do to this site, if anything and what price would be amiing to flip it at? $150?

    Been trying to catch ya on msn chat.
  • I'll be on MSN chat later tonight. Leaving in about 10 minutes to spend time with family.

    Wow the site sold pretty quickly. I'd do some quick PPC campaign/ SEO/ and a few marketing tricks to get traffic going and making a sale or two before flipping.

    He was selling this as a brand new website with potential, no revenue or traffic *applauds*.

  • I would take a different approach with this site. I would buy it, add a forum, modify the content/design a bit, work on SEO, drive traffic to it, and only then sell it with a nice member base. Perhaps even add a membership feature where members pay $X or $XX per month/year and get additional features.

    If you take the time to establish it, I believe this could sell for $XXXX or $XXXXX. Check out freelancer.com to see what people pay just to have this type of site designed/developed. I was offered $10,000 to develop a similar site last year, although with more features, but had to turn it down due to time constraints.

    Flipping this for $150 would be a waste. If you did, I would buy it and probably sell it for $15,000. This site has tons of potential, and it could be a "big flip" for somebody if you invest the time and effort. I might actually go for it, as I'm convincing myself with this post.

    EDIT: It appears the site sold for $45. If someone on here bought it, Congrats!
  • It's not that it would be a waste. Just because you bought the site for 150 doesn't mean that the previous owner has regret selling it. Obviously any site that is established, has multiple revenue streams, and high traffic will sell for X,XXX - XX,XXX.

    Really it depends on how fast you believe you can do this. What you're talking about could take well over 3 - 6 months. While the seller may be flipping 10 - 20 sites generating the same amount as you and working less.

    The keywords you used were "Time & Effort". Some flippers will take their time. Others will not and prefer fast flipping and fast gains. You shouldn't really judge someones method or technique. Especially when it could be over-all safer, faster, and more profitable.

  • At first glance that has Warrior Forum PLR written all over it. IMO the seller has done pretty well here for what was probably 1 hour of work max.
  • There are different variables to consider, I agree! You have to take everything into consideration. If we were to work this as a joint flip, where everyone does something different, I believe $X,XXX to $XX,XXX could be accomplished within 1 month (30 Days). So you could still flip those 10 - 20 other sites, as each person is only devoting enough time to complete their part. One person would not be doing everything.
  • [quote="Hurricane"]
    There are different variables to consider, I agree! You have to take everything into consideration. If we were to work this as a joint flip, where everyone does something different, I believe $X,XXX to $XX,XXX could be accomplished within 1 month (30 Days). So you could still flip those 10 - 20 other sites, as each person is only devoting enough time to complete their part. One person would not be doing everything.

    Would be curious as to how you would plan to increase value to 5 figures within a month? I regularly flip < 1 month old sites for mid XXXX but never hit 5 figures unless it is seriously something special.
  • What Wordpress theme did the seller use? I see it often. Thanks!
  • If you improve the design, develop it, and add a bunch of new features, it's not hard to re-sell it for $XX,XXX. Requests for these types of sites come up frequently on freelancer, and people will pay this type of money just to have the site designed/developed and nothing else. The Software field is very high paying if you master your craft. But that can be said for just about any field I suppose.

    In the past, I have designed/developed sites, but held on to them until I came across a similar or identical request on freelancer. Once I found such a request, I would contact the buyer, give them a demo, and make the sale almost instantly. I could also guarantee that everything (design, content, source code) was 100% unique and original, as I did everything on my own. There were a few cases where I had to hire a friend to help with re-designing a logo, or creating a flash animation, but that's to be expected. I sold a few sites that only took me 15 - 20 days to develop on freelancer for $X,XXX to $XX,XXX.

    I am speaking purely from a software perspective. I believe that site could be re-sold within a month on freelancer for 5, 10, or even 15K if you re-design it, improve the content, and add a bunch of new features. There are many, many buyers on that site with very deep pockets. I consider freelancer to be the flippa for people who know how to write software. There is a reason I brought up the whole "joint venture" idea in another thread.

    @Trinity, I am NOT judging anyone's method or technique, since I don't even know or understand what method or technique they are using. Perhaps I should have worded that a bit better, but it brought back memories from when I was offered 10K to design a very similar "pregnancy" site. I was speaking as a developer, not a flipper.
  • Man - now's the time when I wish I had developer skills. I can get my way through mod'ing studio press with the forum help, but can't custom code. Sounds like a nice thing to have in your pocket! I'm in IT and about to quit my job, so I can monkey my way around modifying things, but by no means a developer. I've got the studiopress package and I'm learning to customize it - I see a lot of people use it.

    Hurricane - I don't supposed people on freelance would pay for that with a highly customized Wordpress theme? I was thinking about doing this sort of thing, and then outsourcing more advanced coding tasks and make money that way too. Viable, or too hard to do?
  • If you go to freelancer.com, there is a category for literally every skill you can imagine. Here is the WordPress one, which currently has multiple listings:

    http://www.freelancer.com/projects/by-j ... press.html

    You shouldn't have any trouble selling a highly customized theme. But you either have to design/develop, or already have what the buyer is looking for in the listing. If you have a dating WordPress theme for example, but the buyer wants one for a night club, you would obviously need to make some modifications.

    Furthermore, if your in IT, and have the motivation to learn, you could probably teach yourself XHTML/CSS, PHP/MySQL, JavaScript, and any other web stuff you need to pickup.
  • [quote="Caramba"]
    What Wordpress theme did the seller use? I see it often. Thanks!

    Its the church theme

    http://www.studiopress.com/themes/church :D
  • I bought the Studiopress ProPlus Package All-Theme - about $250 for the full set of child themes - and it includes support. I'm learning how to customize them with their forum for a supersite I'm building, their people are very responsive. If anyone's interseted in building sites on their own I recommend them. Mind you I'm not a developer but I can pick through the code and modify it just enough to be dangerous - using the support of their developers.

    How it works is you install Genesis as the underlying theme framework and then add a "child" theme on top of it, in this case "church". From there you can modify the color scheme and layout with widgets, and use their code "hooks" to easily add custom code. Although I've found with certain things you will have to modify the php and css files - it doesn't always work smoothly.


    That's why you see them out there so much, you can use the template for yourself or your clients, or resell the customized theme. Thesis won't let you license this way. Although the customer you sell the site too won't get the support unless they purchase the theme.
  • Isn't the site same as PLR site we can buy from warrior forum for 27$? Buying the starter website with PLR, I am not sure how to increase the value >.< .

    As for the wordpress theme I customize myself with Woo Themes , I got developer license and its easy to customize. Haven't try studiopress so gonna try later.

  • Wow, I love such live flipping case study! I think these are great ways to learn and apply!

    Thanks alot, Trinity !

  • Cool myolay - I will check out WooThemes. How are your sites coming. Are you building, flipping or both?

    I'm about to start mining my first sites this weekend. Looking forward to the webinar too!
  • Hurricane,

    $xx,xxx in 30 days??? A screen shot or video of all of your $10k+ sales.

    I think the approach of making the site into a membership site has a great deal of merit - but I don't believe you can take this particular site and do it in 30 days.

    I would love to be wrong but we all need proof of your claims.

  • drobert22,

    First off, if you read my post above, I stated that I sold a few sites, which took me between 15 and 20 days to develop on freelancer for between $X,XXX and $XX,XXX. I am a computer science major in college, soon to graduate, and have been doing freelance development for several years. This is completely separate from flippa, website flipping, and this eBook and eCourse in general.

    My earnings as a freelance software developer have nothing to do with this course, and as such, I will not provide proof or screenshots.

    These projects were designed, developed, tested, and debugged by me from the ground up. These weren't flips where I took an existing website and modified it. During these 15 to 20 day periods, I did nothing except eat, sleep, and breath code. I pulled several all nighters to meet the deadline. Given all the time and effort I had to put in, the buyer got a bargain. Other developers would have charged much more.

  • @ Dave - nobody has any obligation to prove anything on our forum with "screenshots", "videos" or any other form of proof.

    Hurricane clearly has experience outside of "flipping" and as such these figures could well be true.

    Either way, we don't want bickering on the forum, so I am closing this thread.
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