What is selling links?
  • Hi all,

    Can I ask a dumb question - what does it mean by selling links? and how do you do it? :huh:

    Thanks. ;)

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  • It's basically when you as a site owner place a text link on your website in exchange for payment from the website you are linking to. People are willing to pay for this because it increases their "link popularity" which is a big factor in determining where a site ranks in the search engines. You may also want to learn about "pagerank" because higher pagerank websites typically get more money for the links they sell.

    In order to sell links, you can either go through a broker or advertise your link for sell in forums like warrior forum or digitalpoint.
  • Thank you so much for the explanation.

    So let's say I got someone willing to pay for a text link on my website, how do you normally keep the person to pay timely (i.e. I think from the KFS ebook the norm is to get paid monthly) ? Do you need to set up a proper agreement of some sort?
  • The easiest way would be to set up a subscription payment in Paypal which automatically bills them monthly. Unless you're doing it on a large scale this should be sufficient :)