• My first attempt at a Flippa auction is here:

    https://flippa.com/auctions/123438/FunC ... No-Reserve

    I can see a lot of potential for this site, but I haven't taken the time to develop it very well. No bids or PMs so far, but I figure I will spring for the forty bucks to feature it the day before it expires.

    Does anybody else find Flippa's fees excessive? Spending anywhere from 19 to 100 dollars in fees to sell a site that might get a few hundred dollars at auction doesn't seem like a model I want to use very often. I guess 100 dollars in fees would not be bad for a site that sells for a thousand or more.
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  • This one is going to be a tough one to make a great deal of money on. You say in the listing that it has some revenue, but you didn't enter any revenue in the Flippa listing so when people search for sites with at least $1 of revenue, yours won't show up.

    The only way you can really make a business out of this type of listing is by doing lots of volume (lots of sites) by outsourcing knowing that you might make $50/site. We also see with these types of listings the more value you offer in bonuses the higher the price will go.
  • I didn't think of the search aspect (people looking for sites that make at least one dollar) of this when I didn't claim any revenue in the listing, so thanks for pointing that out. The total revenue for this site since I started it has been under a hundred dollars, so I didn't claim any revenue because it seemed like such low revenue would actually look worse than not claiming any. I thought the reasonably high traffic would be appealing to potential buyers who could see ways to monetize the traffic in better ways than I have. I have a lot to learn, so I appreciate the help from this forum.
  • I revised my listing to claim a trickle of revenue and also made the title more enticing:

    https://flippa.com/auctions/123438/FunC ... ume-Frenzy
  • I added you to my watchlist. Let us know how it goes.
  • After looking at a lot of recently ended auctions at Flippa -- both sold and unsold -- I have decided not to waste my $40 on a featured listing upgrade on this one. So far, my auction has 59 lookers and no bids, and I think it is highly unlikely that last day bidding would get me enough to cover the upgrade fee. So, I will let this one expire and come back in a few months after I have worked on improving the site and its revenue.
  • I think that's a good strategy. You might consider dropping the bin on the last day to the minimum you'd accept for the site right now. You might just get lucky and have someone click it or someone after the auction closes contact you to buy.

  • Excellent suggestion. Thanks.