Do You Want a Site Flipping Tool?
  • Hey guys,

    Since I'm a pretty lazy guy, I hate to go thru Flippa listings all day just to discover a gem.

    So what I did was, I got myself a coder and asked him to create a tool that helps me scrape and filter a few factors of a site that is being sold on Flippa, Sitepoint, Digitalpoint.

    All I do is just key in a few requirements of a site I'm looking for and the tool spits out a few sites that meets the requirements.

    I'm sure such a tool would help most guys here. Would you guys be interested in such a tool?

    If yes, I would need to make the tool more polished, get a designer to make the interface more usable and let you guys beta test it.

    What are your thoughts?
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  • Hi Tyler,

    That sounds interesting. Is it different from
  • Hi Tyler,

    Did you ever move forward with this?