Is possible to make a living with site flipping just by doing quick flips?
  • i read the whole book but this is something i'm wondering Is possible to make a living with site flipping just by doing quick flips???? and also i was thinking that i know in the future the workload will probably be too much so you may have to outsource it , is it possible that chris and you guys make like a free report about scaling up your business like outsourcing wise?? just curious
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  • Yes, it is absolutely possible to make a living doing quick flips. My question for you is what do you mean by quick flips? In some cases, people mean this is the build a site and sell it as a turnkey site. If that is what you are looking to do, let me know.

    In my opinion, the best types of quick flips you can do are buying undervalued sites, adding value quickly, and selling. This type of model is very scalable because often buying a $100 site and selling it for $500 is really just as easy as buying a $1000 site and selling it for $5000.

    Can you clarify further if you are referring to turnkey sites or buying and selling quickly?
  • I actually have the same question, and since this thread is already started, I would like a response.

    Though I can see where buying low and selling high can be profitable, it seems like it might be difficult to do on a daily basis. It's not easy finding those bargains, at least not for me since I am new at it.

    So if a bargain can't be found, I would think building a site from scratch and selling it as a turnkey site might be a good alternate idea. I see some sites on Flippa that are brand new going for more than the $147 mentioned in the book. Of course some for less too.

    I was kind of hoping for more of that in the book, how to create a turnkey site that would sell for say $197 or more (and if it doesn't, how to make it profitable for you anyway through proper monitization). Do you think that is possible? Thanks.
  • Here's the basic process to get a couple hundred bucks per site making turnkey sites. Let me know if you'd like me clarify/expand on any of these items.

    1.) Register a .com or .net domain or purchase one that has a history of at least a year and preferably some Pagerank. Preferably you are buying domains that have quality keywords in them. Make sure the domain is easily understandable.

    2.) Create some kind of product/service that is very easy for a new owner to take over on and if they drive traffic to it they could make sales. An example might be an ebook or reselling someone else's service. Sites like paid directories, make money products, etc. seem to do well.

    3.) Build out the site using something like wordpress to make it quick and easy for you to build and for the new owner to take over.

    4.) Preferably drive some traffic to the site to show it has some traction (or use existing traffic if you bought the domain that has traffic).

    5.) Write your copy for the listing. Read a couple books on what makes a good ad or copy. I would recommend "Tested Advertising Methods" by John Caples and anything on persuasion by Robert Cialdini. Remember to build up trust about who you are as a seller. Make sure you are offering to help with traffic building and technical support. You may consider offering guaranteed ranking or X number of links to the site to the winner. Include lots of bonuses like free hosting, guides on how to drive traffic, etc.

    6.) List the site for sale on Flippa with the following settings:
    a.) 1 day duration
    b.) No reserve and $1 min bid
    c.) BIN price around $250.

    I personally would rather do one deal a month for $4000 than 20/month for $200 each. That said, this can work and could be scalable if you focus on automating and/or outsourcing. Build the system and keep repeating it. Remember, you are selling something "turnkey". That means that the more you do for the buyer (and the less work they have to do) the more you will get for the sites. Hope that helps. Also keep in mind that the longer you do this model, the more success you will have. You may have to even lose a little money on the first few to get some history.
  • Did you really mean 1 day duration for the auction? Does that allow enough time for enough potential bidders to see it and bid the price up? I live in fear of listing a site with a $1 minimum bid and having it go for $1 after I have spent a minimum of $30 (domain reg plus Flippa fee) and a day's work on it, just because not enough bidders see it.

    I have almost zero experience at this, so your input is very much appreciated.
  • I think Flippa doesn't allow 1 day auctions anymore, they start at 3 days and then you can lower it to 2. I would prefer 1 day, because people don't bid for awhile anyway.
  • If Flippa isn't allowing 1 day auctions any more, I suggest using whatever the minimum is currently. Keep in mind this auction strategy may only be applicable to "turnkey" type websites. Also keep in mind that the auction will tend to extend if people are bidding in the last 4 hours so there are some benefits such as being listed in the "ending soon" section.

    If you have done your job, a $1 minimum bid won't hurt but will likely help you because it will get your listing more activity.

    You don't have a lot of money to lose. If you think this system is a good fit for you, just try it a few times and think of it as a test.