Criteria For Quick-Flip Website Purchase
  • I'm kind of like rype89 was when he first posted this topic here: ... p?tid=2151

    I'm kind of lost as to which site to buy.

    So far this is what I know to look for as far as determining website value:

    Domain Name (Memorable, keyword)
    Site Design
    Site Content

    Could I get some help as to which criteria to put more focus on, particularly when trying for a quick flip?

    The only sites I see that are really no-brainers are priced way out of my budget (around $60-100 USD max).
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  • David,

    Here is what I will suggest you do. Start by looking at sites in your price range on DP that you think have the potential to be good finds. Take notes of what the seller is claiming on all the factors you mentioned. Then go over to Flippa and search for sold sites that are similar across those factors. After doing this about 10 times for various factors, you'll start to get a good sense of what should buy on DP and how much you can sell it for on Flippa.

    Let me know after you've done that and I'll walk you through more details if you still are vague.