Buy A PLR Site & Rewriting
  • How much value is there in buying a PLR site and having all the content rewritten to make it totally unique? I have outsourcers that I use for rewrites that are Native speakers and at a good rate. Is it even worth it?

    Just trying to think of ideas, before I hit it hard this weekend looking for sites to buy on DP.
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  • What do you mean by PLR site? PLR articles? Sales copy? Ebook?
  • Yes articles was what I was thinking, for blogs that are setup with PLR content on the page already (not PLR packs that come with it as a bonus). But it could apply to ebooks as well, I suppose.
  • You could do to save time and money. Bryan is the PLR expert around here - so when he gets back I'm sure he'll be able to give you a more comprehensive answer :)
  • Hmm, for some reason I didn't notice the thread at first.

    Right - when talking about rewritten PLR content you're basically talking about original content. Nobody cares that similar content is published elsewhere, your content is original, appears only on your site, the "possible copies found" meter reads zero and therefore you're selling original content.

    That said, the question should really be 'how much does a blog sell for' or 'how much does an ebook site sell for', rather than how much does a PLR site sell for. And quite obviously, there's no better answer to this than "it depends".

    Assuming that you're referring to sites that have no traffic or revenue, you should mainly focus on two things to get the value up:

    1. Offer as many bonuses and incentives as you possibly can and at the same time try to ease your bidders' concerns. With turnkey sites the average bidder is afraid of the fact that they can never get the site 'off the ground' and drive enough traffic to it - so why not buy a PLR ebook (or two) on traffic generation and offer it as a bonus! Or offer them SEO service - 1 hour for free, from there on at an hourly rate. The options are virtually unlimited

    2. Focus as much on upselling as possible. Sell them hosting, sell them services (new articles, SEO, whatever). Build a list of your customers and sell them more sites! Again, basically whatever you can think about as at the end of the day your goal is to maximise the value of each customer, not the value of the actual sale.

    Good luck!