• Hi there in the book it says that selling links is a very quick way of adding value to the website, I was wondering what would be the best way to explain that in your listing so that they are aware they're gonna be paid each month? Also how would you prove it? i.e screenshots, if your trying to do a 7 day quick flip?

    Sorry I am a complete newbie to all this so another question I have is, is this the only quick way to monetize a website? other than adding click bank affiliate banners, and including adsense even tho you wouldn't be abe to claim any revenue seeing as it would be a quick flip.

    thanx :)
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  • Hi. I'm not sure how I missed this post. Sorry for the delay. It would help if you number questions if you have multiple in one post.

    1.) You can explain that you have advertisers who pay monthly for ad space on the site. You might also say something like "Currently you have x advertisers paying y/month each on a z month minimum term".
    2.) You can prove it by showing screenshots or video screen-recording of any deposits that advertisers have made or you might also get signed agreements from people who buy links that you can use as proof.
    3.) Every site is different in terms of what kind of monetization works best for it. For instance, does the site have a list or existing traffic? On a 7 day flip you may also consider the following monetization strategies:
    a.) Email an offer to the list if the site has one. CPA networks like clickbank, cj, etc. are good places to find high paying offers.
    b.) Outsource the creation of a unique product for the site and advertise it for sale on the site, in email promotions, in forums, etc.
    c.) Consider pay per lead type CPA offers. Some affiliate networks let you incentivize your leads such as offering them a free ebook in exchange for completing an advertisers offer.

    That's just a few ideas. If you have any sites in mind, feel free to post them and I'll do my best to recommend some strategies.