How much should I offer on this site?
  • Guys, I need some advice on my second potential site purchase ever.

    I have the exclusive opportunity to make an offer on It comes with two facebook pages, one of which has over 8,000 fans, and the other over 850.

    The site currently has no revenue and about 30 UV's per day (for which I got proof). When the owner was promoting the site it was getting 100 to 600 UV's per day, and generating about $225/mo in ad revenue. The site is over a year and a half old.

    I did get proof of past revenue and traffic.

    Question is, what kind of offer should I make? I would like to get the revenue back to $200-$300/mo and have it as automated as possible.

    What do you think? Worth a shot at making an offer, and if so, how much? The asking price was $500.
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  • Here are some potential areas to look at.

    - How is the site currently getting it's traffic? Does it rank for any keywords?
    - The 8,000 fan facebook page seems a little "off" to me. Are they real/responsive fans?
    - The business itself seems a little gimmicky to me and there are a lot of similar services ... 7040a6822d

    If you are very comfortable that you could recreate what the seller was doing to generate $225/month (and that the owner really was doing that amount), I might suggest trying to pick it up with a price around $300.

    If the 8,000 fan facebook page is legit, you could probably monetize that within a month to make your initial investment back quickly.
  • 1) The 30 UV/day are coming from the search engines only. There's currently no active promotion.
    2) The 8,000 fan page is active and do appear to be real, the other with 800 is less active
    3) Agreed, there are a lot of sites running similar scripts, but the keyword volume for 'flip text' and 'text flip' is 33k/mo. It's on the second page for one of them. What if I could get it on the first page?

    I thought the same thing about monetizing the FB page, but how do you monetize a FB page? I think I'll offer $250 and see what happens.
  • Regarding monetizing the site. Here's a thought for you.
    1.) Find some kind of incentivized CPA offer and allow people to use the tool once or twice without having to fill out the offer. Make sure to set cookies and on the 3rd attempt to use the tool, require them to fill out the incentivized CPA offer
    2.) Post status updates on your facebook page with links back to your site to try to get the existing users to go to the site multiple times and fill out the CPA offer.

    That's just a thought, but let me know how it goes.
  • I offered $200 for the site and fan pages. Considering the prevalence of this type of script, I can't see taking any greater risk with a higher offer.

    I really like you're suggestion, and if the offer is accepted I will definitely be reporting back and wondering what to do next. :)

    What kind of CPA offer would fit this type of page, and where would you get one?
  • You'll have to test a few offers but it could be something as simple as a survey or sweepstakes.

    In the Mastermind Coaching Group rolodex I provided a good place to start looking: ... p?tid=2910
  • Offer for $200 was accepted. It seems like a great deal, and with $200 it seems worth taking a shot at. The guy has great iTrader feedback.

    What do you think, should I go for it? I'd totally be willing to do a 'follow along with me on my first flip' type of deal on the forum if I can get some help on this. If you see anything that raises a red flag, let me know as I can still back out.

    Here are the fan pages:

    Main fan page - 880+ fans

    Other fan page (Has never been advertised on or with)- 8,300+ fans

    Traffic and revenue screen shots:
  • I think it's a fair price and I'm happy to help step-by-step since you're a mastermind member. We might need to continue the conversation in the Mastermind Coaching Forum.
  • Excellent, thanks. See you in Mastermind forum. Can you move these posts over there or should I start a new thread?
  • Go ahead and start another in the Mastermind forum. Thanks!