Greetings from Ireland
  • Hi, I'm a new member, and a newcomer to the idea of flipping. I liked the idea of it as it seemed a way to make quick, albeit small, money while I waited for my affiliate sites to come to fruition. But now this book has me thinking ... (dangerous, that!)

    I congratulate the authors on an excellent book - comprehensive and yet very accessible. Thank you.

    I do have one quick question. On page 84 of the book, in the section about using Wikipedia, you talk about linking back to your site. Number 5 says to make sure you have a blatant opt-in box or advertisement for your product. Is this right? :s Should it say, "make sure you don't ..."

    Thanks in advance for feedback on this,


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  • Hi Morrigan,

    Welcome aboard! You wouldn't want a "blatant opt-in box or advertisement for your product" on wikipedia directly, but you probably would on your site itself.

    Hope that helps!
  • Thanks Chris!