Micro Niche Domination - Low Competition, High Search Volume Keywords
  • Did this ever happen to you:

    You want to build a micro niche websites empire using without making a huge effort.
    You do some keyword research, find a decent keyword with a good search volume. The competition is not that harsh too... but when you try to register the exact match domain name, you find out that all .com .net and .org variations have been already taken.

    This happened to me... A LOT.

    What makes me even angrier is that when I check them out, I find out that they are merely parked. I really hate domainers that buy 1000's upon 1000's of domains waiting for the right opportunity to sell them... in the mean time, the little guy like you and me struggles hours and hours to find descent keywords with available .com/.net/.org extensions.

    I have a good news for you though... good keywords with available exact match domains are not extinct... not yet.

    I have spent hours upon hours - I should rather say days upon days - digging 1000's of keywords to uncover the gems and you get now to profit from my work.

    What if you didn't have to do the boring and tedious task of keyword research anymore?
    What if you could have a source that spits out highly-searched easy-to-rank for keywords?

    [align=center]This is exactly what I have to offer:[/align]

    Keywords with the following features:

    - Exact matchlocal search volume> 1000
    - Average CPC > $1
    - .com/.net/.org still available for registration with your preferred registrar.

    Having the exact keyword as your domain name is probably the most important on-page SEO factor nowadays. It really gives you an edge over the competition.

    How much?
    The pricing starts as low as $9/keyword. See below for more details.


    Why are you selling these keywords if they are so awsome?
    Honestly, I wouldn't sell any of these if I had the man power to make use of them. As things stand right now, I have more than 800 keywords in my list and simply can't use them all. So, my loss is your gain (if you choose to take advantage of my offer of course).

    What do I get with my order?
    ONE (1) keyword with a low competition, a high search volume and a high CPC (cost per click), so it is easy to profit from it even for a newbie (I can offer advice of the monetization method).

    What are these keywords good for?
    These are all good for CPA, Amazon, Clickbank and even Adsense if you want to make money the easy way!

    Can we get a special pricing to try your service?
    Yes. The first 3 to order get a 60% rebate. The next 5 get a 40% rebate. The next 7 get a 20% rebate.

    Detailed pricing:

    $15/keyword for 1 Keyword.
    $11/keyword for 2 to 5 Keywords.
    $9/keyword for more than 5 Keywords.

    Payment method:

    [align=center]How to order?[/align]

    Step 1: Decide on how many keywords you need.
    Step 2: Send a payment according to the pricing above to houcemtrigun[at]yahoo.fr (replace [at] with @).
    Step 3: Send me a PM with how many keywords you want. (alternatively, you can send a note when you send the payment via paypal)
    Step 4: I send the keywords to your paypal email within 48 hours.