Many Sites Page 1 Of Google
  • Hi there

    I'm after some general advice.

    I have many sites on the top of google, page 1, from 1 to 7 say, some of these sites are my very early ones that earn a bit but not significant amounts, but get varying amounts of traffic tothem.

    I'm wanting to condense my portfolio a little so what is the best way of selling sites that rank high and get a lot of free organic traffic, though may not be high earners??

    Kind regards and thanks for your time....

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  • Hi Colleen,

    Why aren't they earning much? Is it because you are using adsense in a low CPC market?

    If you are ranking for low quality/low traffic keywords, your auction copy should really focus on your ranking and less on the traffic. In other words, focus on the asset of the ranking and don't focus on the problems of low traffic.

    Hope that helps.