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  • hello everyone,
    I want to make adsense website. I have everything I need ( very good keyword , unique SEO optimized articles targeted for adsense revenue and clickthroughs ,good domain name ). After I built a website I will sell to flippa, but I need to know how many days earning and traffic proof I should show in the flippa listing.Can I feature only one week data ? or maybe its enough several days , or even month? And one more quastion, if site earning from adsense about 12$/day (360$=month) , so how much approximately I can expect sell that website on flippa ?

    Thank you for answering ;)
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  • While there are several different types of buyers on to sell your site to you will see a difference in the type of buyer based on how many months of activity you show on your site. For example if you have 1 week of traffic and revenue history you'll likely get a much lower multiple on your site than if you had 1 years worth of history. Most experienced buyers won't buy a site with just a few weeks of history because they don't know if it will sustain itself. However, there are buyers for this type of site who will look at the possibility of what it could be and are willing to put the work in to grow the site. They will just pay lower than those looking for one year of history. 1 month or less of history you may be able to get a multiple of 2-6 times monthly revenue. If you have at least a year you could get up to 10-18 times monthly.
  • Regarding proof, I'd suggest providing monthly revenue proof for as many months as the site has been making revenue and perhaps a week or so of daily proof from the most recent days.

    The easiest way to determine what your site will sell for is to search Flippa's closed won auction for sites similar to yours. That will also help you look at why some of them sold for higher (or lower) amounts.

  • Thank you for answering. I found on flippa very good example : ... NO-RESERVE
  • Great find. If the price is something similar to what you'd like to get for your site, I'd recommend modeling (not copying) what this person did in terms of auction copy, bin price, reserve price, duration, etc.
  • yes, if I get 3000$ I would be very happy. I very liked listing content , it would be wrong if I copy all content ,but change numbers , names , etc ?
  • That would be wrong. Do not copy their content.
  • Bad,as I really will not write such good content and will get less bids .What you can sugest about writting very good sale content?
  • You can certainly use any of the templates we provide at ... php?fid=32

    I'd also suggest asking some of your friends who are good writers to help you put together some nice content.