Question About Site Being Indexed As DP Listing
  • I'm pretty sure in the ebook it said that the site shouldn't be listed in G's index that it's for sale at DP, because Flippa will find it somehow. Of course now I can't find the paragraph that said that. :(

    Is that true? It doesn't seem to make sense as it would seem that G will index and active place like DP no matter what. Or else my brain is backwards and you just mean Flippa listing shouldn't show up in G's index because site was sold there already.

    I must be missing something I'm sure....
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  • Here's why I say this:

    When a buyer on Flippa is looking at your site, chances are they will Google the domain name. If the sales thread from DP (where you bought the site) is indexed on page one then it is likely they will dig up some details you don't need them to know (price you paid etc). This is another reason I suggest you complete deals privately.
  • Ah ok - so it's going to be in the index no matter what, just complete the deal by not bidding not only for nego. purposes, but to keep it public. Got it.

    Thing is I've seen the seller post in the thread something like "Sold for $50" which then shows the Flippa buyer about it. Guess that can't be controlled? Or can it by asking them not to, in some smooth way?

    This seems to make DP a bit disadvantageous for buying...

    I wonder where else to go besides what's listed in the ebook. Hmmmmm. :)
  • It can't be controlled but you can influence the first page listing for your domain - try some SEO work (blog comments etc) or similar to push it off front page
  • Heh heh heh. Excellent, thought that might be the way. Cheers.