Hi there I'm Colleen
  • Hi there I'm colleen, i have no experience selling yet though I hope that will change soon. However, i have had some experiences buying.

    In fact, the past week I have had an extremely traumatic experience regarding flippa indirectly and a seller I met on there.

    Let this be a warning to a lot of people.

    it's a bit of a long story and i'm not quite sure how it will end.

    I bidded on a domain for sale about 2 months ago, i didn't win but the site was of interest to me not just because of the domain and the money made from it but also because of the media buying that he would provide to the buyer.

    Anyhow i spoke to the seller on skype and we agreed that he would build me a similar site, domain that i chose etc and provide me all the info he provided the other purchaser re media buying for a price lower than what he had just sold one for.

    So I got the domain etc, he hosted it etc. I then completely recreated the content with some really good reviews and did backlinks etc to get it ranking high in google which it's starting to do now.

    Low and behold though while I'm checking for my rankings in google with quotes i spy a similar domain to mine and so i click on it.

    It's all my content, a complete mirror of it, to the extent of having links to the same sites that i have on mine.

    I go to http://whoishostingthis.com and find out it's his nameservers, his hosting etc -- bear in mind my site is still hosted there, though I have ftp access.

    So i have to then outsource urgently having that blog completely removed from his ftp. I think he'd done something to make that difficult to do because my techy minded assistant had a lot of trouble.

    After i'd moved it to my own hosting i then had a look on flippa for his seller name.

    Low and behold he's selling that domain which has all my content mirrored on there, including my affiliate links etc, and saying your site will look like this etc, with this content on there.

    I'm smokin mad.

    I send dmca notices all over the place -- flippa, his hosting, paypal, and the affiliate program to which we both belong.

    I left a message in his auction to contact me immediately which he didn't.

    Flippa ended up removing the ad because it was related to sex -- though it's not a porn or adult site, it's just education regarding it really. As I say, I was more interested in his media buying than the site so to speak. Ibought the product so i could review it and it's not crap, i wouldn't promote it if it was.

    Anyway he contacts me with a lot of mumbo jumbo saying everything on my site was reviews provided by the affiliate program.


    yada yada yada yada crap crap crap

    I blasted him. I swore a lot to be honest.

    he had ridiculous excuses like oh i mirrored the wrong site so sorry


    i blasted him again and have just ignored him.

    He relisted the site and i just reported it to flippa as in violation and it got deleted. he contacted me to find out if i'd done that.

    the hosting has done nothing, i want him banned from the affiliate program.

    i find out today he's done the exact same thing mirroring my content, my original theme etc, everything, just as before, with a new site on a similar domain....not for sale yet on flippa.

    i have now contacted his hosting again, i've contacted the affiliate program again, i'm not contacting him yet because i would like him banned fromthe affiliate program.

    i could be dreaming.

    but to be honest i'm PISSED.

    I paid him $1200.00 to create the site for me, the domain name, the media buying information etc and this is how he thanks me?

    so be warned --

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  • Wow Colleen,
    Rest assured, we are good people here. I can speak for myself and many others on here. Its sad to have to rant about that stuff, but it happens to the best of us. Stay strong, and I am sure you will get better assistance from all of us here :)

    Im sure there is a lesson we can all learn from.
  • Hi there Joe, i wasn't meaning to reflect on anyone here, i was just totally shocked and flabbergasted by the whole experience.


  • Colleen,

    Wow, I'm truly sorry you had to deal with this. Thank you for warning others of this scam. That's one of the things I love about these groups is that we can share both our positive and negative experiences so that everyone can benefit from the knowledge.

    I've never had this happen to me, but I have bought a site from a seller who a few months later created a competing site. I was very upset, but I eventually realized that I could either focus my energy on fighting with the seller (negative) or focus my energy on building a higher quality site than the competing one (positive).

    The good news for you is that since you were the first one to create the original content, anyone duplicating you will have a very hard (if not impossible) time in ranking higher than you.

    Great to have you on board!

  • Hi Colleen. Welcome to the Forum.
    Are you the same Colleen from Aussie? If so I have bought many products from you!!

    I am sure none of us would like to experience what you have been through.

    I guess it's only through experience that we can get to be aware of the warning signs.
    Anyway good on you for taking action.


    Terry :D
  • Hi there Terry
    yeah that's me

    I just released my third google trilogy today so you should get an email about that.

    Thanks for your kind words Terry

    I think I attacked him as many places as I could lol