Q for coaching students
  • Care to give a review of how it's going for those who may want to sign up for the next one?

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  • Hi there,
    Absolutely, from my view so far, I have been in for a few days and we started right away making a small inventory of me/my skills/what I aimed for. From that a personal action plan where I am right now making the last changes to my next Flippa auction.
    I feel that both Bryan and Thomas really go through my questions and review my changes, not just some generic guide lines.
    Of course, this is not a broker service where they will write and flip your sites while you just look :) but for me, this is the kind of guidance I need to find my own model without wasting any time.
    Some might have those skills from the start, but for me I need some "hand helping" to get on track quickly.

    I should mention, I have joined some crap programs earlier with "personal coaching", they were coaching me as much as an (crappy) ebook would do. :)

    Expensive coaching? Yes and no. $197 a month is a lot of money before everything goes around. If I compare what I get here and what such services do cost, it is very affordable indeed.
    For me this is an opportunity without thinking back at all.

  • I'll make this short and just say that I have already made my first flip and owe it fully to the coaching program. I would have probably been able to done it on my own, but definitely not so quickly and probably would've made less.

    Well worth the $200.
  • So far, I am very impressed with the 1 on 1 Coaching. As a college student, every penny counts, so I had to really consider whether or not I wanted to spend the $197. In the end, I pulled the trigger and went for it. There's no doubt in my mind I will make back several times that within a month. I have already bought two websites, which I will be modifying a bit, and perhaps using some of the techniques recommended to me.

    For less than $200.00, well worth the price.
  • Well, I'm convinced, I'll be there the next round.

  • I'm a college student too.Will be there soon.
  • would be intrested to get in...

    from people who have taken it up..could you update on your journey after 2-3 months....

    how much success have you had...