PLEASE READ - Forum Rules
  • FlippingNetwork is a private community and as such we don’t expect (and haven’t seen) much rule breaking but in order to make everything as transparent as possible, we have established a small set of rules that every member should follow.


    No spamming what so ever is tolerated and spammers will be permanently banned without a warning. Spamming includes (but is not limited to) following:

    * Posting (or opening a thread) with the main purpose of advertising a commercial product or service.
    * Using the Private Messaging system for unsolicited messages of any kind.


    Each account is for PERSONAL USE ONLY and sharing your account details (or content of the forum thereof) with anybody, either publicly or not, will result in a permanent ban from the forum.

    NB! DO NOT use proxies when accessing Accessing the forum from different IP addresses within a short period of time gives us enough reason to believe that the account has either been compromised or the account details have been shared.

    NB! It is YOUR responsibility to keep your account details, including your password, safe. If an account is compromised by a brute force attack (or a simple guessing of password) then we remove such account from the system.


    When you recommend (or talk about) a product or service then you are allowed to provide an affiliate link, but only if it is made clear that this is an affiliate link AND if a non-affiliate link is provided so that people can choose whether to click on a regular link or an affiliate link.

    Affiliate links that don’t offer sufficient explanation and/or an alternative ‘non-affiliate’ link will be removed by staff and the poster will receive a warning.


    FlippingNetwork offers a functionality where members can post links within their forum signatures. While it is, in general, OK to promote your website by linking to it from your signature, it should be noted that the following rules apply:

    * You are only allowed to provide links to up to TWO websites in your signature.
    * You should always use the standard (small) font in your signature.
    * You should NEVER post with the sole purpose of drawing attention to your signature link. Posts such as “I agree”, quick questions and short posts in general should always be submitted without a signature link (untick the “signature” box when posting a reply).
    * Linking to sales pages (or pages that’s main purpose is selling a product or a service) promoting anything related to Internet Marketing is strictly prohibited, unless such product or service is approved beforehand (see the "SELLING WEBSITES/PRODUCTS/SERVICES" section below)
    * An exception to the above is linking to active Website Auctions, with is ALLOWED, even without approval.
    * Linking to FlippingNetwork's competitors’ websites or to websites promoting competitors’ products or services is strictly prohibited.

    Whenever a signature link that does not abide to the above rules comes to the attention of FN staff, we either modify or remove the signature and the member will receive a warning and/or be forbidden to use signature links in the future.


    We DO NOT tolerate any form of piracy and/or copyright infringement.

    Whenever it comes to our attention that a member has uploaded any copyrighted material without the expressed permission of the copyright holder, we reserve the right to permanently ban such member.


    A general rule applies: Don’t wash your dirty laundry in public.

    If you have something to say to another forum member that is best kept in private then KEEP IT IN PRIVATE. We do not tolerate any kind of personal attacks or disrespectful comments towards other members of FlippingNetwork. If you have a legit complaint towards another member of FN then it is best to contact Staff. If you have problem with Staff (mods) please contact Chris directly.

    Any posts/threads containing personal attacks towards other members will be removed and poster will receive a warning.


    Offering products or services for sale is allowed ONLY by posting a thread in the Buy or Sell a Website / Service / Item section where additional rules apply (see this thread for more information.

    Offering anything for sale elsewhere (e.g. the Main Site Flipping Discussion section, signatures, Private Messages) is STRONGLY PROHIBITED and offenders will be permanently banned without a warning.


    By posting on, you assume full responsibility of the content of your posts/threads. FlippingNetwork is a community made of members’ posts and while we do our best to make sure that all posts comply with the rules of the forum, as well as with the laws and regulations of United States of America, we do not have the capability to moderate each and every thread and therefore we shall not be held responsible for any unlawful material posted by our members.


    We reserve the right to issue a warning or a ban whenever we encounter a member breaking any of the rules set in this document. Each warning carries a point value between 1 and 10 (determined based on the nature of the offence) and whenever a member’s account reaches 10 warning points, it will be automatically banned – either temporarily (duration determined by staff) or permanently (i.e. termination of account). If you are banned, you will NOT be eligible for a refund on any purchases from Flipping Enterprises Ltd.

    We want to keep FlippingNetwork a friendly community and don’t assume (m)any permanent bans, especially as the majority of spammers/scammers/rulebreakers will never get access to FN in the first place. That said, we do our best to keep the community clean of people with ill intentions, which is the reason behind establishing this set of rules.


    This set of rules is NOT fully comprehensive and we reserve the right to change the rules at any time without prior notification. However – if you use common sense before posting and keep in mind that it is a COMMUNITY (and therefore each post/thread should benefit the community as a whole) then you can rest assured that you won’t ever have any trouble :-)
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