IMPORTANT! Read This Before Posting in the BST Section!
  • Hey all,

    Just a quick note that while you're allowed to advertise your websites and auctions here without limitations, this doesn't apply to services.

    If you want to offer your service to the (rapidly growing) member base of FN then you need to get in touch with me first to have your service reviewed and approved. We have established this rule in order to keep the quality high at all times and protect our members from buying a service that doesn't deliver -- just another small benefit of this community Smile

    NB! When posting a new thread, it will NOT display automatically. All new threads go through a manual review process - and while site sale threads get approved fairly quickly (usually within a few hours), service threads will get approved only after the member offering the service has contacted us.

    If you're about to offer a service then please prepare and post your Sales Thread here FIRST and only then contact us.