Preparing My First Flip
  • I'm anxious to get my first flip done and bought a site for $17 which was created with one of the StudioPress themes which seem to be popular. I got a cracking 2 word domain too.

    The seller zipped over the site to me with no instructions on what to do with it. An install file would have been nice but for $17 I suppose it's not to be expected. Eventually he sent me an install file which didn't help and I had a few problems importing the MySQL database but got there in the end.

    I spent an afternoon messing around with this! I decided to replace the plr articles with 10 unique ones. I got someone on DP to do it for a further $25.

    Would I be right in thinking unique content will fetch a better price?

    I got my unique articles within 24 hours and they're excellent and actually unique too! So today I start swapping them with the plr and they break the bloody theme! Arrggghhhhh..........

    I've been at this all day :huh:

    4 days later I'm $50 down and still have the $39 flippa fee to come and realize it's quite a learning curve isn't it!!

    Are the Studio themes usually this difficult? I'm thinking of buying their full package as sites seem to sell with these themes but if they are going to cause tons of work I'll stick with my Artisteer ones.

    Anyway, tomorrow's another day....
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  • Just out of curiosity was the website you bought established (has some traffic/revenue?)?

    Honestly you've done a good job at creating your own problems & flipping is all about time management.