Several flips at the same time?
  • Hi,
    Do anyone have a feeling for if it is wise to run only one auction at a time, or pump out a several auctions parallel?

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  • Depends really. I vary between no auctions running and 5 at the same time. Try not to have all 5 ending on the same day as it becomes tough to keep up with everything.
  • Thanks!

  • If you organize yourself and stay on top of things, multiple auctions won't be a problem.

  • I too prefer having multiple auctions running at the same time. Reasons for this being mostly the fact that running an auction (especially a popular one) usually interferes pretty badly with the sleep schedule (you'll see this once your first auction starts getting extended five times, 4 hours at a time), as well as that running two or more auctions allows me to cross-promote them to my bidders.

    But yeah, as Trinity said, staying on top of things and keeping yourself properly organised is crucial in this situation.