FlippingNetwork - Who's Who!
  • Hey all,

    I started this thread so that there would be some sort of a reference on who's who, as unarguably we have many different areas of expertise covered over here and one of the main strengths of a professional community like this is to have a bunch of people around you who you know can help you out with all sorts of advice.

    I will gradually update this list as I see new 'introduction' threads or when people PM me to introduce themselves. So let's get started, shall we :)

    Thomas (aka meathead1234) - A site flipping professional who has experienced almost all aspects of flipping and nowadays mainly concentrates on high-end sites. Co-founder of FlippingNetwork

    bryanon - A born marketer who has been involved in a countless number of different areas, starting from managing (and promoting) a small retail computer store, to promoting a wooden toys export business. Now concentrating on 'quick flipping' mid- to high end websites and offering his expertise in form of consultations and information products.

    smartsites - Started flipping websites about a year ago but stopped for a while and is now looking to get 'back in the business'

    aaa123 - Has been flipping small websites for the last 6 months, mainly concentrates on Adsense sites by buying them up and selling them after having improved the monetization.

    blackheader - an aspiring 'newbie' who is yet to fully get started in the business of flipping but sure to join the 'big boys' soon enough!

    IQ2K5 - CPA marketing & product
    selling professional who is new to the flipping business but certainly knows his way around in the general IM game. IQ2K5 is also moderating the MMD forum.

    enSo - A bright guy who has been involved in IM for over a year and has experience in a wide variety of areas, but prefers, I quote: "places that can be easily dominated through evil but fairly simple scripts" :) Has been involved in site flipping by selling mainly blogs but eager to get into higher end sites.

    flipfilter - Flipfilter aka Justin is the mastermind behind a new ambitious project FlipFilter.com. We, at FlippingNetwork, are confident that Flipfilter is going to be a huge success and wish Justin all the best on getting it fully launched!

    Stefan - An SEO expert who is also a super admin on FlippingNetwork.com. Does video product/service reviews and uses his SEO skills with the techniques explained in KFS.

    Let's get this list growing!


    P.S. If anybody feels that what I've written about it is somewhat inaccurate or could use modifications then do let me know.
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  • And here are some new additions :) - let me know if I've forgotten anybody.
  • been in marketing for just over a year and explored pretty much all its areas. The most fascinating to me are places that can be easily dominated through evil but fairly simple scripts.
    Sold my first site in september last year after just 2 failures :D - that's what it took for me to decide to read a couple successful listings for similar sites/similar prices and learn from them. I've been running a always-sold-for-BIN record ever since. I mostly sold blogs but did it for as high as blogs could go for $500-$1k. Looking to get into higher end sites and learn from the best.
  • Nice to meet yall!IQ2K5 nice to see you here too man.You might know me from MMD and im glad that are some MMD members here too.And to enSo - glad to see another fellow romanian here on this flipping form.