Another aspiring Flipper
  • Hi Everybody,

    my name is Isabelle. I come from Germany.

    I just purchased the Flipping Course. Still have to read the Guide. But just wanted to do a quick Introduction.

    I wanted to try Site Flipping for a while now. I also read some other courses too. I decided to get this one here, because Up to Date proven techniques that work NOW are important to me.

    Normally I wanted to focus on some other IM related Endeavors now. But a recent look at my bank account taught me to get this here. So that at first my account balance becomes healthy again. :angel: In other words: I need cash. The fastest way possible! I hope, you can help me with this.

    Have a great day,
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  • Welcome Isa :-) The KFS is very unique compared to other ebooks, Iam sure you will realize that for yourself!

    Its a very friendly community we have here, dont hesitate to ask when you are stuck at something you don't understand.
  • Hello Isabelle,

    Welcome to Flipping Network. Hope you enjoy your stay and get on the road to a successful flipping business.