Is this really a Gift1
  • Hey you guys just ran into my first attempt to scam the kid on dp haha. I ran a cross a seller who has a really good site but when I contacted the seller he asks that I send as A gift or a masspay. He even said I can send it to his bank account what a joke. You guys make sure you read your due diligence plan and never fall into this trap because there si NO BUYER PROTECTION when you send money this way. I have ran into this before with other types of transactions.

    It will happen and you WILL encounter a scammer from time to time like Chris said in the course, but as long as you stay on your toes keep real no harm can be done to you because your a vip flipper in the network baby.

    Be safe you guys and guard your money from sharks.
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  • Great tip. I would actually be fine doing this if I can have the seller push the domain to my account BEFORE I send the money.
  • Yeah your right that would be ok only if you can find a seller who was not that paranoid you know. When your the one with a lower feedback count they will opt that you pay first and try to slid in the curveball and say oh yeah send it as a gift haha lol. But your always on point Chris.