Quick Or Mid - Great Domain
  • Hey guys. Two days ago I bought Keshapics.com (Kesha the singer).

    Kesha Pics gets 22,000 searches per month and in 2 days I'm already on page 2.

    Basically I did a quick blog with two images, used Ping.fm to get the word out, bookmarked on a few socials, got the usual plugins for wordpress.

    My question is, since I'm clueless about SEO, should I just flip it now (so I don't screw it up and get it snadboxed) or should I hold on to it for a while.

    I think it should go for a decent amount on Flippa according to my research.
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  • Get on page 1 of Google first, then flip.

    It'll add immense value and you really just need to continue back-linking.

  • Also - don't worry too much about getting sandboxed if the site has been indexed by Google for a while.

    Sandboxing usually happens only to very new domains/sites - otherwise one could do xRumer blasts on all their competitors and effectively get them all removed from Google's index.
  • I'd keep it for a while - you've done all the hard work, no point giving it up at this stage. If you find a few months down the line you are still struggling, then flip it :)
  • Hey Danny,

    I just did a search for your domain for the keyword kesha pics in Rank Checker and its not showing you anywhere in google, yahoo, or bing. Are you still seeing yourself on the 2nd page?

    Also be aware that the 22,000 searches is broad searches. Those are any searches that include the words kesha and pics. For instance if someone searched for "ugliest pics of kesha", that would be included in the broad search count. For SEO purposes you want to make sure you are looking at the exact match search number. Exact match would be when someone searches for "kesha pics" in exactly that order with no other words.

    I don't think you would get very much if anything for it right now.

    -No revenue
    -No traffic

    My advice. Make it a mid or long flip. You really need to monetize it.

    Here are some suggestions.

    I see you are doing 1 picture per blog post. I also noticed you are just naming the blog post anything that comes to mind. Don't do that. Always base your blog post name around a keyword that you want that blog post to rank for.

    No one is searching for, "Is this really a kesha pic?". But they are searching for "kesha hot pics", "kesha pictures", "pics of kesha", "kesha pics", "kesha photos", "kesha pic", kesha sebert pics", and "kesha images". Use these as your post name and you stand a much better chance for ranking for the keywords that people are actually searching for.

    Also include a few sentences to a paragraph under each photo focusing on the keyword for that blog post. It is really tough to rank without any content.

    Also since you are using photos, make sure the photo alt text and photo name match that of the keyword for the blog post. Google can and does read that to tell what your site is about. You also stand a much better chance of ranking that photo in google image search which can bring you a lot of traffic.

    A couple ways to monotize if you want.

    Add asense right between the blog post name and picture or right below the picture. You can test and see which gets more clicks.

    You said she is a singer right? Link to amazon selling her cds or posters.

    Get some CPM ads on your site. Here is a trick that big sites do to boost their earnings from CPM ads. Post one picture per page and make sure it is very easy and obvious for them to click next to see the next photo and keep going. Every time they view another photo that is another impression you get paid for. Also people love top 10 lists. Do a top 10 list of kesha's sexiest pics and people will surely click next to see each one. Instead of showing all 10 photos on one page and only getting 1 impression per person, do 1 per page and you just got 10 impressions per person.

    If she is really popular than it shouldnt be too hard to create a facebook fan page for her. Get a good group going and sell that with your site when you flip it. I am sure that will add a lot of value to it.