• hi guys

    Obviously atm autoblogs are hot for some reason I just want to know your thoughts on this.
    Ive seen a site i would like to buy its got about 600 unique visitors a month for the last 4 months but has no revenue.
    It has a premium wp theme but because its a very rare and tight niche and geo specific I may struggle to better those numbers and sell text links
    Whats tempting is that its only $60
    I was just wondering what your thought would be about buying/flipping geo-specific sites and about buying autoblogs generally
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  • They sell, but they're completely useless. However if you think you can flip go right ahead. I personally stay away from them; especially with no revenue.

    On another note. You're title is extremely misleading. =]

  • Yeah sorry about the title i kind of lost track there!
    You're saying autoblogs are useless is that on the basis that they are not unique?
  • IMO you're about 6 months too late on flipping autoblogs. They were going well for a while but market is dead now.