Anybody else feeling like punching DP sellers in the face?
  • Heya everyone I am really frustrated about how fucked up DP members are when determing prices about their site.

    I mean 500 bucks for a site with no revenue?

    I mean come on.
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  • Yeah I know how you feel about that one. I would suggest taking a look at the negotiation section of the course, it helped me out. Make sure to point those flaws out to the the seller. Add a sense of urgency with the deal like I got this much I'm willing to pay you CASH today considering you cant provide proof of earnings, but we gotta make this deal today because blah blah blah. When you make the seller feel like there is a possibility to make a sell they'll bit, instead risk losing it all together.
  • I hear ya, some sellers can be educated and others can't. $500 might be a good price if the site has a lot of good traffic or other assets and you can monetize the site quickly to make it back. If the site has no assets and the seller won't listen to reason, just walk away. Someone else will be selling a site for a ridiculously low amount if you keep looking and are creative.