Success Stories Section of the Forum?
  • Hey everyone,

    I just bought Site Flipping Secrets a few hours ago and I've read through about half of it already. I gotta say the information so far is awesome and I can't wait to get started with it.

    I had an idea though that I think would benefit everyone here on the forums. What do you think of a section that's focused on success stories from people that are new to site flipping that have started making money with these tactics?

    I've seen similar sections in forums for other products I have (like SE Nuke) and it seems like it benefits not only us that are starting out with flipping sites, but it will be good for Thomas and Bryan too so that potential customers can check it out and see that people really are making money with their strategies.

    It would be great for motivation and for sharing tips. You can post the auction and the site you sold, share what you did to make it sell for that much, how long it took you total, etc.

    Does anyone else think this would be a cool addition to the forum? If so, leave a comment and maybe Tom and Bryan will consider adding it.
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