First time here!
  • Just wanted to introduce myself to everybody here. My name is Hann, I'm 24 and I'm currently teaching English in Taiwan as a means to get by. I actually held a full time job in the States where I'm originally from, but was since laid off and had a lot of difficulty finding employment.

    However, I still consider myself to be in a very fortunate position as it enabled me to think about other options which is why I'm here in Taiwan now. It was also around that time in 2009 that I started looking into other ways of making money and I came across the AdSense program. At one point I had well over 100 domains and was averaging just about $1,000 a month so I would say that I've had mild success.

    One of my problems though was not staying focused with one thing and seeing new "shiny things" that I thought that I must have to bring my income to a new level. Since then my income has seen a decline as a result of not updating the sites and getting backlinks. Then I heard about flipping sites and I picked up a few guides along the way that taught some of the basics.

    I have sold 11 sites with a profit of about $800. It's not really much but it opened my eyes that this is something that I could see myself doing full time. I've read about people building simple sites and then selling them for huge profits so that's when I really started to do more research into this area which is why I'm here now :)

    I actually came here directly through the WSO and was wondering where I can be able to find the Killer Flipping Secrets guide or would I need to purchase that separately? I'm quite excited to be here so I'm going to start with the recordings and just absorb as much information as I can.

    One thing I have a problem with is accountability, staying focused and just having a plan in general of what needs to be done. I definitely have high hopes for that all changing though now that I know I have a group of individuals with similar goals!
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  • Hann,

    Great to have you on board. I always love to see how we're getting members from all over the globe.

    Your experience with lack of focus is extremely prevalent in the IM world. I hope we can help you improve on that. Here's my first piece of advice. Don't buy anything else until you've put the ones you've already bought into action. Then, when looking for new stuff to buy only buy products that make good strategic sense for your goals and won't detract from them.

    Regarding the KFS, we chatted on email about that.