Selling Sites with established Adwords Campaign?
  • Hi Everybody,

    I wonder, if someone has experience with selling sites with established Adwords Campaign as only Revenue source? Are these kind of sites popular?

    Edit: with "established" I mean "profitable" (in the sense, that Profits exceed Adcosts of course)

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  • The only problem that you might come across is the fact that campaigns don't have a gaurantee lifetime. That's a huge turnoff to buyers because who's to say that the campaign won't die out in 24 hours or next week? Not only that, but anyone experienced enough in the field can tell you that Google is picky and will kill off a campaign for whatever reason.

  • Hi Trinity,

    okay, but same here with other Revenue sources. Is there one with a guaranteed lifetime? Tell me and I will jump on it. :)

    I know several people, that make a very good, sustainable and longterm living with Adwords.

    But lets say, I would be able to prove in my auction a stable, steady income of, lets say, two months. Would that attract buyers? Or is Adwords in generall a No-go at flippa?

    In the Guide there is written, that Adsense Sites seem quite popular. I wonder, if it is the same for Adwords. That is basically the question.
  • You have to spend money with with Adwords and a lot of buyers don't really want to do that. Selling advertising, links, and products on a website is extremely easier.

    I should have probably said that campaign adwords die a lot faster then they use to & that's a turn off to buyers who know what they're buying.

    I myself make mid five figures using adwords/cpa monthly so I know a campaigns/websites worth, but proving that to a buyer is extremely difficult. Especially when it would only take them a few minutes to learn how easily a campaign can go belly up.

    Hoped I explained my view a little better.

  • Okay, thanks for clarification!