• Hey Guys (n Gals) -

    Just wanted to say hi. I just finished going through the videos in the training, and have to say that I'm looking forward to implementing what I have learned.

    One question I have is that: does one have to know a good amount website development / maintenance / optimization in order to increase the traffic once he/she purchases a site?

    Let me know what you guys think.

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  • Welcome aboard! glad to hear you're taking the time to review the videos.

    Here's my answer to your question in two parts:
    1.) If you buy a site for a low enough price, your profit is already made without any work. You just need to sell it near it's real value.
    2.) It helps to understand all these things, but more important is the ability to manage a team of outsourcers who will handle the technical work for you.

  • Good point, and thanks for your response Chris!

    Will keep everyone posted about how things go from here.
  • How is it going? Glad your apart of the team. You will find a lot of help here and if there is anything that you don't see all you have to do is ask. Just remember to take action my friend and you'll be there.
  • Yeah, will do...thanks! It's good to be a part of this team.