My auction at Flippa
  • Hi,

    I just made new auction at Flippa. It is the second auction but the first one did fail. ... ClickBank-

    Could you tell me if such sale is possible? Reserve is set to $500.
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  • Good luck with your sale, I'll be watching!

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  • Hmmm,
    I'm not crazy about the site. Where's the call to action? Just info is fine for Adsense but you want people to buy something. Text links, in my experience do far better than banners.

    All that money is possible? With no traffic? How is your buyer going to get traffic? And how will this site convert that traffic? All marketing comes down to those two factors.

    Also, I would increase font size for better reading.

  • for traffic I explained about PPC and some SEO. This profit is achievable for sure if you drive 40 sales or more you are sure to make $1k+/mo. How do you increase the size of font on Flippa? Wanted to do so but couldn't figure it out.

  • Your BIN price is ridiculous and out of reach. You can include your reserve too. The website doesn't justify the pricing. Your website is a few days old, receiving no traffic, no sales, and no revenue. Why would any investor or company purchase it?

    I don't say this to be mean by the way, I"m just being realistic. Your site won't sell.

    You say "if" they drive 40 sales or more a month they can potentially earn 1k+ a month. If that's so, why don't you do it?

    There isn't an incentive or motive to buy.

  • What do mean by incentive or motivation? I am new to this so I have no idea about it but I most likely reduce it and will include the reserve. Do you think $500 reserve is ok or too much?
  • Too much!
  • What T said.
  • The most your site will sell for is 200$ tops, and that's if you get lucky. When I say motivation or incentive I mean they have no "reason" to purchase your site. They won't make money right away and they have to put in a ton of work. Both are negative reasons they won't purchase. Is that clearer?

  • Why not drive some ppc to it, make some sales and then buyers will see the potential there
  • Hmm, 200+ hops and no sale ... =.= I probably won't sell the site. I might create a new look-a-like site with great content and SEOed and then sell for like $150/$200. I just have spent like over $150+ on various services like Social Bookmarking, articles submission, etc ...
  • I admire you for putting yourself out here and being willing to put your learning curve on display. Not many folks have the nerve to do that. Don't give up, you are on the right track.

    Just a thought, why don't you add AdSense and Amazon to your original site? Continue to drive traffic for a couple of months (be sure and put stat tracking on the site) and then try selling to recoup your original investment.