Outsourcing this business?
  • Hi,

    I have purchased the flipping course and read it throught.

    Yates has explained almost everything.

    But I'm wondeting how to effectively "outsource" the quick flip process effectively to get the business grow faster and live the 4 hour work week?

    (I'm so lazy that when I'm reading this like courses, I always think "how to outsource this"). :blush:
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  • Well, it first starts with defining your individual process and business model for flipping websites. Then outline or create a process flow of the tasks that need to be done. Then write up job descriptions for the people you need to put in place. Last, hire through sites like odesk. That's it in a nutshell but let me know if you need clarification.
  • Hi Chris,

    I have question about quick flipping process.

    Is quick flipping method possible for websites that costs 5000+ dollars? Or is it just for little websites that cost 100-500 dollars each?
  • It's possible for either. You just need to find a buyer who's willing to pay you more than what you can buy it for. Does that make sense?