• Hey everyone,

    I'm new to this forum, but not new to IM. I've been in the game for some time
    now, and most of my activities are in the domain of CPA marketing & product
    selling (I've successfully launched a couple of my products in PD & health niches),
    with some other stuff in between (no true biz without diversification ;)).

    While I'm not an expert for site flipping, I'll be helpful & offer my advices in
    the topics where I'm knowledgeable/have more experience, such as general
    CPA marketing, product launches, site monetization & CR optimization,
    marketing strategies, etc.

    Btw, some of you might know me from another forum (MMD) where I'm
    currently employed as a spammer-eliminator / super mod. :D

    Occasional free time is spent on reading & exploring various arcane nerdy
    scientific topics & writing.

    Well, that's it. You should have a better idea of who this guy with a strange
    nick is now. :)

    EDIT: Forgot to say my first impressions of this place. I like the atmosphere
    here, Bryan & Meathead are very professional in their writing & communication
    with other members, they are friendly, and they know what they are talking
    about. I'm sure this place will be full of quality info in a couple of months
    (and even earlier).
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  • Hey there!

    Glad to see you on board and thanks for the thorough introduction!

    And definitely good to know that I'm not the only one around here who's got some experience with regards to product launches. I'm confident that there's a lot that we can learn from you and vice versa so hopefully you'll enjoy being a part of this community :)

    And cheers for the kind words - much appreciated!