Finding Deals through a Broker?
  • I understand that brokers represent sellers and that it's in their best interest to sell for the highest price possible.

    Given that, is it practical to use a broker when looking to buy sites for around a 10x multiple? (Not specially looking to flip - more holding for cash flow and improving over the course of about a year before selling.) Or do sites that get sold through them usually go for multiples of 18x and up?

    I was looking at Acquisitions Agency's Hotlist and Investor services, but was thinking that they might not be suitable in the beginning, when every dollar counts.
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  • Hmmm, their video for their investor services (only read's description of it earlier - script blocker was blocking their video and I didn't realize it at the time) says you can specify how much you want to invest and the monthly income of the site you're interested in. In effect, doing the "cold calling" for you.

    Sounds like a great service!
  • Yeah, I believe that they will work with you if you have a budget to work with. I know they prefer to sell $10k+ sites but I'm not sure if that's the same number for buying. Definitely contact them and ask and follow up here to let us know.
  • I would be looking for sites $10k+ (though I would prefer my first site with them to be on the lower end, so about $10k).

    I sent a message through their contact page yesterday but haven't heard back yet. Will update here when they respond.